She’s the One. TShes the onehe One for you.

Your type, sense of humor, and you look cute together. Lost in thought, you often daydream.

You want to make her a lucky girl, you improved yourself as a man and got better each and every passing year.

But nothing in life is certain. Things happen.

You get sad because its time to abandon your wishes. Even as a man emotions are a natural feeling. You can’t get anything done. You get overtaken by thoughts of her in your every activity.

But you realize something, Yes, this hurts. BUT

I am still here. I am still standing. I am destined for greatness.

You know in your heart you cannot give up your life mission for a woman. Or anyone else.

You work towards your mission, improving each day. It takes time to get over a person you really liked but you will carry on.

She is not the one for you. Accept it. Back to reality.

Now other girls are happy because they want to be the lucky one with the charming man that is you.

As you are on your way to fulfill your great potential you smile, not because you are completely over her, but because you know sunshines are ahead in your future.

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