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The month of May draws near, it all happened in the blink of an eye.

Anyways, Time passes by so fast. It feels as though it was just last week that I made my half-hearted incomplete New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve put on a lot of mileage on my car since March, I took it to a dealer for a check-up. The first time in years. The results came back and there are a lot of parts that need to be replaced. I have to take it to a repair shop soon, get to fixing what I can on my own. Or call a friend (maybe he’s an acquaintance) to see if he has time to work on it.

I’ll pay him for it handsomely of course. It’ll still beat taking it to the shop, which quoted me over $4000 to fix all of it. Realistically that’s more expensive than the market value of the car now. Grateful my car hasn’t had problems in years.

Time seems to pass by quicker each passing year. The chilly wind reminded me of it last month as I walked down the city streets.

It’s easy to get lost in the daily grind, to waste time with unproductive thoughts and useless activities. All the while getting older.

phone usage graph
My phone usage graph | YourHour app on Android

Did I mention wasting time on the phone?

I used my phone last week more than ever. Granted most of the hours are from using the GPS.

I took a break from always listening to audiobooks, reading, learning. I listen to music I’ve heard over a hundred times, intellectually unstimulating talks and podcasts. I made a throwaway account on Instagram and followed the recommended famous people. I’m amazed and exhausted by how much time is wasted.

It already has an effect on me. I’m having a hard time writing. The words won’t come out, I’m easily distracted, and to put it plainly, I don’t want to write things that require deep thought. I’d much rather goof off mindless browsing the phone.

I need to finish my rough draft by my deadline so that will require loading up app blockers, silent mode, and turning off notifications. Again.

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