Memory from Sumsuih, Mizoram – 1

Sumsuih Mizoram
Sumsuih. Photo:

It was but a tiny village way outside the city of Aizawl.

I spent my childhood here. Well till I was 5, before we inevitably moved.

Whenever a vehicle would come into the village, Christmas came early.

It was so rare to find a vehicle that actually came into town that when it was about to leave we would chase it out of the village as far as we could, till we couldn’t keep up with it any longer.

The vehicle revvin’ and leaving our little village as we watch it go into the unknown, wondering when we will get to see a car or a truck come by again.

We boys were truly excited to see a vehicle come into town.

Now I see cars and trucks everywhere, I don’t even take a second look.

What once was a great thrill is now as normal as eating white rice.

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