When I was a kid I wanted money.

Not all the money in the world mind you.

Just enough money.

Enough money for what? Enough money to buy that ice cream bar.

Me and my mom were inside a store that sold ice cream bars and various snacks. I craved those ice cream bars deep down inside and that’s where it stayed.

I knew deep down I shouldn’t ask my mother to buy me those ice cream bars. Or the sodas, or the snacks that I would see on magazines and commercials.

Those were for well-off people. I knew that. I may have been just a kid but I knew better.

It was the only reason I envied a wealthy family that lived near our home. They had material goods yeah, but it was their ability to buy any food they desired that made me envious.

But you know what?

The very few times you do get to eat what you want you value it that much more. You savor the taste, you remember the feeling, and you don’t waste a single morsel.

It’s precious and you don’t take it for granted.

You thank your mom and dad for buying you that snack and you cherish those moments forever.

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