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I’m thinking of someone. Wishing I was in their position right now. They don’t seem to have the problems I have that’s stressing me out. 

Life enters a period of Chaos. Who wants to deal with chronic stress, worry, & lack of sleep.

Not me. I don’t want things to be hard. I want to get what I want without dealing with all the necessary problems that comes along with it. That’s what I think initially.

Then you reframe the situation. Do you remember the problems you previously had which seemed insurmountable at the time? Did you ever regret having to face such a difficulty. I can’t name one.


How you view what happens to you will change how you feel.

Is this an obstacle that’s too much to handle or is this an opportunity for growth?

There must be a reason it has been placed upon you. With each situation that emerge before a person, nature has provided him the tools to deal with it.

It will give experience, builds character, wisdom, and more.

Note it says period, = temporary.

Something happens to you. Good. It was meant for you by nature, woven into the pattern from the beginning.

– Meditations, Marcus Aurelius

“When things are going bad, there’s going to be some good that comes from it. “

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