On off days from classes I wait until the afternoon hits. Then I dress up and head out the door with a full backpack.

Sometimes before heading out I like to take a couple minutes to look up cafes. Ones that are not too far, doesn’t close too early, would be a good place to study. This search mostly consists of looking up various cafe on google maps, and quickly skimming thru the photos. If I see a decent seating arrangement with people on their laptop that’s a good sign.

On days where I have class I wait till my morning class is done. Only drinking water in the meantime. After class I head out the building and start walking. There are about 5 different places within walking distance that I can sit down and drink coffee. Lately I’ve been going to the same place where the coffee is good (depending on the person who makes it) with a suitable seating arrangement. It’s usually packed with people but that’s alright.

It was only a few weeks ago at this shop that I decided to try out one of their many special coffees. I went upstairs to find an empty table, sat down, took a sip from the cup and was greatly surprised. The coffee tasted hot and fiery. I liked the taste. I just never thought they would think to add cayenne pepper to coffees…

I went down to get another cup shortly thereafter.

I was home doing homework on Saturday and brewed coffee at home. I usually drink it black but this time I grabbed cayenne pepper from the shelf, added it to the cup and stirred it in. Took a sip and started coughing. I added too much.

This afternoon I walked into a new coffee shop I haven’t visited. I walked in, ordered a large americano and asked for cayenne in it. The barista asked the other person working if they have any cayenne. They didn’t.

I’ve been sitting in this cafe for the past 6 hours, it’s getting dark now. I have outlasted all the customers that were there in the beginning. Recently I’ve been drinking so much caffeine in the afternoons I get jittery, light headed, unable to focus. On the other hand it feels amazing while lifting in the gym.

coconut ooolong tea

I’m out of coffee. Instead of getting another cup I opted for oolong tea.

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