the mind choose

No matter the situation I’ve found it’s all in the mind.

The mind.

The mind.

Outside event making you feel bad? Not if you choose to focus on the good things in your life.

Think you’ll be alone forever? You may as well be if your mind is decided.

All shambles on the outside but if you refuse to bend on the inside, then you are not broken.

You control how you view things. It’s all in the mind. Your mind.

Thought arises in the mind. We feel helpless to these thoughts. But they must come from somewhere.

Choose to control. Choose to see the world positively. Choose to see the good in people and their kind hearts.

Choose to view failures and negative events in your life as learning experiences. Choose to view hardships as training for life.

Choose to see yourself as lucky and full of promises.

Choose to believe reality will eventually bend to your dreams and wishes.

Choose. Or it will be chosen for you.

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