New year New me

new year new me

The early days of January rolls around and you see people with the usual “new year, new me” posts.  The new year gives a chance to Restart, forget the past failures, and brings new hope to achieve great things this year.

If only.

When that euphoric feeling fades what comes to surface will be the same person from last year, who was the same person as the year before that.

I’ve got a notebook and pen with me – For the past 2 days I’ve been writing down good habits and goals I want to accomplish this year. Grand and noble goals.

Once I am done planning I have a feeling I will either misplace the notebook or never read the the list again. I have a feeling I will be overwhelmed by the great and big things I want to attain. As had happened the previous x100 times.

Strangely my list showed a lot of what I want is to simply go back to basics. Such as eating well and eating regularly. My diet last year was erratic and all over the place that it negatively impacted my mood, strength, and energy to Get After It.

More Focus on Less

Have too many goals and see all of them fail.

Each new year I think about how much further I could have progressed if I had just focused and stayed true to one thing.

This year I will focus on more by focusing on less.

I am putting an emphasis on the calendar and to-do lists. Utilizing routines rather than juggling multiple specific goals at one time.

Setting a strong foundation for good habits that will create a chain reaction to reach greater heights.

Focus and Do ONE THING.

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