What Happens Next

ATC Durtlang Mizoram
ATC.  Durtlang, Mizoram

Time: 3:31 AM

I often dream of the future.

I am curious and yet at the same time almost worried, all because I had the fortune of coming to the US. It has changed my life forever.

I now will never have the normal type of upbringing like most of my peers in Mizoram and I have too many different experiences that has changed me as a person.

I don’t know how long I will be here. I have received quite a number of messages asking me when I plan to go back home. But I don’t know if I can call it my home anymore.

I realized of all the places I have lived, I have been here the longest.

How time flies.

I feel a bit older just as I typed those words.

As for the time to come? All I can do is patiently wait and see. See what mystery unfolds.

Would I have it any other way?

No way that would ruin the pleasure of surprise.

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