Talking in Mizo

mizoram doll talking in mizoIt’s almost 10 years since I left my home country.

I don’t think or talk to myself in my mother tongue anymore.

I make better arguments and I am more persuasive in English.

Last year I would notice how poor my Mizo was and how at times, I was unable to form coherent sentences. So I took it upon myself to relearn and practice Mizo. Over and over until I get better.

I started making Youtube videos starting December of last year (2016) where I forced myself to talk in Mizo. So far my Mizo skills has gotten a whole lot better and I know this because I have a lot less video editing to do.

You can follow me on my Youtube channel – Emmanuel Hmar

4 thoughts on “Talking in Mizo

  1. Hey I am from Gujarat, India. I watch ur videos though I don’t understand anything because I like to hear your language and ur voice is so good. Today I read many posts from your blog, they r really thoughtful.

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