elh gym my life is a joke

I had planned to stay up late, possibly the entire night into the next day to study for upcoming final exams. I even watched motivating videos of war soldiers training on youtube. As I sat down on my chair I started yawning as it was about to hit midnight. Since I was going to stay up late I was sure I might possibly just pass out from exhaustion so I went to the bathroom to go and brush my teeth, removed my contact lens and sat down on the chair again.

Yawning, feeling so sleepy tears were rolling down my cheeks. It was barely past 1 Am. I have no problem staying up for much later for something that is not Studying. Decided to take a 20 minute nap to recharge the mind and body. Woke up past 5 am instead. Laying on top of sheets trying to act like I’m thinking about study (coding) problems, in reality just wanted to keep laying in bed. Finally sleepily woke up past 7. Got water and coffee, then started to resume studies.

Ok now finally starting to get in the study groove. Look at clock, think to myself “I have time to eat and wash dirty plates from yesterday” before class. Haven’t ate in more than 16 hours by the way. Keep studying for a little bit more then goofed off on my phone. Took a shower. Got out of the shower, look at the clock, think to myself “I do not have time to eat and wash dirty plates from yesterday”. About ten minutes till I need to leave to catch the train. Hurriedly get dressed, packed my bag, last minute grooming.

Just before heading out the door looked at myself in the mirror. Continue to look at myself in the mirror. Run out the door, ask myself why I wasted time looking at myself in the mirror when it was past time for me to leave.  Drive towards the station, curse the people in front of me who are driving 5 miles per hour in a 15 miles per hour zone. Close to the station now, scout the parking lot for empty spaces as I drive around it to the entrance, unbuckle seat belt ahead to save time, park, get out, RUN to the station. Luckily get there just as the train arrived. 10 seconds late and would have missed the train.

Get to school. Class is starting soon. Hastily walked like this lady to class.

life is a joke

Get to class. Only one entrance in the class, from the front. Go inside. 3 minutes late.

Guy I know who sits in the front looked back my direction, smiled and said, “You’re early today”.

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