I know the name of my grandparents. That’s as far as it goes.

Let’s say a generation is about 25 years.

Most people. That includes most of everyone you know. Maybe including you.

Will be forgotten within 2 – 3 generations.

Your name not to be spoken of again.

Do you want to remembered?


2 thoughts on “I Know The Name of My Grandparents

  1. I have been thinking this question for days.

    I think, as a living, I want to be remembered (at least by my loved ones) because I want to feel important. If people remember me, it means to me that they care about me and I am “special” in their lives. One condition, though, I only want to be remembered in a positive light.

    In reality, I wouldn’t care less whether they remember me or not after death, because I don’t know how I am going to find out.

    Thank you for this thoughtful question.

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