5 States in 4 Days

world trade center nyc
9/11 memorial, nyc

My cousin who I haven’t seen in over a decade came to visit.

Most of the time I’m not interested in sight-seeing but this time
1) It’s family I haven’t seen in many years
2) I just freshly finished my exams

So I decided to tour the city and the States around with him.

He’s leaving the country soon so we are short on time.

– We left on a Wed morning to fly up to New Jersey,
– Took a train to New York City, spent the night
– Took a bus to DC, a friend picked us up at the train station and we slept at his place in Virginia,
– The next day we toured DC, and spent the night in Maryland
– Drove back home the next day with some other folks.

xmas tree
xmas tree, dc

We walked a lot, had an erratic eating and sleeping schedule. It’s essentially only been 3 days since leaving and returning but it feels so much longer. We explored and visited so many different areas it feels more like a week, at the minimum.

Counting the state we are currently in makes it 5. Not including the different states we drove past on our way home.

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