Just 3 more days of November then I won’t have to do them anymore.

I dread going in the shower, especially when it’s so cold outside the virgin coconut oil I applied on my hair essentially becomes hair gel as the cold solidifies the oil (creating tiny white flakes).

But it must be so. It was part of a challenge I did for November. Probably not the best time of the year to do them though.

Nights when I come home late after engaging in physical activity and I don’t want to stain the bed sheets I still have to take showers cold even though it may be 1 or 2 am.

Yet it is not without its benefits.

PROS of Cold Showers

1) Discipline & Willpower

It takes discipline & will to take cold showers. It also builds discipline in return.

2) Wakes You Up

A cold shower will wake you the F up unlike hot showers.

3) It feels better than hot

Taking hot showers are fun during but then you get cold right after as you scamper for the towel to stay warm.

Cold showers feel much better after you’re done. The short time enduring the cold gives you more enjoyment after. It’s a general feeling of bliss that’s hard to describe.

4) Relieves stress and tension

Last week my neck and shoulders tensed and ached, I did stretches and pushups to try and relieve the tension to no avail.

It was Thanksgiving day as well. It wasn’t until I went upstairs to my friend’s bathroom to take a scathing cold shower that the aching finally subsided. Even if only for a little while.

5) Mood Enhancer

When I feel unmotivated, lazy or down I know cold showers will pick me right back up. Then I usually follow this with the next step.


I have been complimented on looking clean and fresh after I take cold showers. Take cold showers, put on clean fresh clothing, groom, and head out the door. Looking good and feeling clean. Clothes seem to feel better to wear as well.

Verdict: Recommend.

An easy way to start cold showers is by taking a hot shower as usual and finish it cold.

I haven’t gotten any cold or any sickness. I also don’t spend as much time as before, standing under hot water, eyes closed, pondering life. No desire to pontificate when you’re just trying to finish with the cold as soon as possible.

Cold showers are great. The not so secret is that I used to do them extensively, so this hasn’t really been that hard for me. Only sometimes, but then I will myself to face the cold.

cold showers
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

As Wim Hof said, “The cold is my master. The cold is merciless but righteous.”

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