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I was eating one meal a day, tried to study for most of the day, napped, and barely left the house unless it was unavoidable.

Over the weekend I went to to pick up groceries which mostly contained bacon, eggs, beef, lamb, chicken, and avocados. The carnivore diet.

Even though I was only eating once a day the supplies started running low quick because I was eating about 5-7 eggs a day, a ton of meat, butter, and rice.

On a Thursday afternoon I reminded myself to go and get more food at the store. But then I was busy with other stuff so instead of eating I just fasted longer than usual until I couldn’t deal with the hunger anymore. I resorted to eating noodles which had been untouched for the past 2 months because there were better alternatives.

The cycle repeated itself for the next 5 days. I fasted till I was super hungry, then I would rummage through the cabinets searching for whatever food I could find.

This has been some sort of an adventure. There were leftover food, and other packages which were untouched since my family came to visit.


I finished the packet of noodles in 2 days. Now what?

I started going through the fridge. There were some native foods which I had no idea how to prepare, I couldn’t look them up on google either. A plastic bag? I hoped it contained tasty edible treats. I went through the fridge, and entire kitchen immaculately.

Some foods I found include

  • Mizo chhangban: heated in the microwave, it was good. Tasted even better when I started chewing on the coconut flakes that were inside.
  • Sweet potatoes: Found under sink cabinet, looked up a simple recipe, ate with butter.
  • Pasta: Not usually a fan but there weren’t many choices. Looked up a youtube video, and ate with green pepper and mushroom sauce.
  • Pancake batter package: couldn’t prepare because didn’t have milk or eggs.

I utilized most of the food I had, including ones that had not seen the light of day in months.

pasta with sauce

Some may be wondering why I had so many foods that I didn’t know about?

I live a simple lifestyle, I eat the same things pretty much daily. I don’t eat junk or processed foods that are now so prevalent today. Although it can be fun to have cheat meals here and there (live life a little).

It is also partly cultural, my mom will keep stock of food and vegetables which most of the younger generation have no idea what they are. I keep them in the freezer until someone more knowledgeable come to visit.

The groceries I bought earlier in the week was close to $80. Most of it didn’t last very long, and they had to be cooked and prepared.

The poor man’s diet lasted about the same time frame. I was much more creative with the options I had. Example – Onions, tomatoes, cheese, over rice + butter 😐

The downsides include consuming mainly carbohydrates. Minuscule protein.

Almost a week of the poor man diet, I finally went out to get groceries.

shopping groceries

After this entire ordeal I was more knowledgeable on the foods in my kitchen, threw away expired packages, and I didn’t forget how delicious the baked sweet potatoes tasted with butter. Slurp. I made sure to pick them up in the store.

sweet potatoes
baked sweet potato with grass fed butter

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