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Tired of it, is really all I can say.

I’ve dealt with and overcame a lot of personal obstacles. This one really seems to like me it just wouldn’t go away.

I’ve greatly reduced the anxieties I had garnered from my younger days. Since then I’ve had days where I feel great, walked out in the streets and started talking to every stranger in sight. Not a feeling of stress or anxiety.

But somehow it has always been right beside me. It’s rare and not severe most of the time but it’s a crippling feeling when it’s severe. I manage in spite of it but I find it extremely irritating when it really kicks in.

When I feel it enter my body – I’ve tried deep breathing exercises, working out, taking a shower, etc. And sometimes they work to a certain extent. But somehow it just keeps coming back. Most people wouldn’t know or be able to tell just from looking at me though.

Just this morning it came and made my morning and afternoon tiresome. But it has completely vanished about an hour ago and I don’t even feel a little bit of stress right now. I feel great.

But I know it’ll be back. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a couple of days or even weeks.

It’s definitely a struggle and it most certainly affects my attitude.

I believe I will overcome this problem sometime in the future, and when I do, I will then be able to share how I Finally overcame this BS which has pestered me for too damn long.

3 thoughts on “Dealing with Anxiety

  1. A reh thei tak takin Ka hrelo,rawn langchhuak lo vang vang mahse rawn lan leh Chang anei leh tho thin.Kan nun/hun tawn azir niin ka hria…

  2. A reh hlen thei tak takin ka hre lo.Reh vang vang mahse arawn langchhuak leh tho thin.Kan nun/hun tawn azir niin ka hria…

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