struggle makes the man
Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Hard times create strong people.

The struggles of today are often the best memories later on. The complications lies with us being human and lacking foresight. The current situation brings with it stress and unease, and since we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, we fail to believe in tomorrow. Believing that This will last a long time.

But nothing lasts forever.

Appreciate the small joys of today, even the ones that stems from negative results. It’ll help you get through it.

The default setting of life is one of pain & suffering.

This is normal. Not a one time thing.

Many times we fail to realize how far we’ve come. The deeds we’ve done. The things we have achieved. We base on value, our worth as a person on our current position in life. But this is the wrong mentality to have.

What’s happening now is just a small part. Even if you haven’t done anything worthwhile, there is no reason to base your self-worth on what happened today. Just know that times like these happens to literally everyone. Including the people you respect and admire.

If you haven’t struggled then you haven’t tried hard enough. You are probably afraid, that’s why you think it’s better to not try. But nobody can escape the fate of life – pain & suffering. Know that people who always take the easy way out are not people who are respected, and they tend to have guilt later on in life because they have not fulfilled their potential for they had always taken the easy route.

As far as I’m concerned most people want to reach their true potential, most people want to be strong, brave, courageous, even admired. Whatever a person’s desire, the key to tapping one’s potential is to be able to endure through tough times.

And it all starts back to where you are today, with your current struggle in life.

The struggles of today is not a curse, it is a blessing that just hasn’t been realized yet because it hasn’t been long enough.

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