a good day

What makes a good day.

I looked forward to leaving the school classroom packed with modern technology on each of my classmate’s hands.

As I left the building I slowly made my way to this dedicated area surrounded by trees with a huge waterfall fountain. This place is right next to the main road and across from Starbucks – which sees a lot of customers but this area does not.

After days of coldness the sun was finally out, the weather warm and inviting. I walked up to the blocks near the fountain and sat down. I looked up and closed my eyes as the sun illuminated my skin and I feel my body temperature slowly rising.

I looked to the left, right, and across from me are some homeless people. Not a lot, some are sleeping. I see homeless people whenever I come here.

As my skin soaked in the heat goosebumps appear, thoughts start to wander again. To the torture suffered by the author in the current book I’m reading, to future goals, personal desires. But it didn’t matter at the moment. I am content listening to the fall of water and sitting under the sun. A short-lived moment of peace and contentment.

Another class starts in an hour, I sit still with my back to the fountain as I feel water splashes get on my naked skin. I stare to the front as policemen walk through the area doing their daily patrols checking up on the sleeping homeless people from a distance which you can tell they’ve done over a thousand times.

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