woman and child under rain

Unexpectedly I chanced upon an old writing I did from years back.

It was filled with mixed emotions, I wrote about some of the things that troubled my mind at the time. They all seemed very real and true. 

As I read the piece I had to laugh because they are so insignificant in hindsight.

The anxious worries didn’t come true, and even if some of them did they didn’t break me. It only made me grow, gave me valuable experience.

We suffer more in imagination than in reality.” 

– Seneca

I frequently see people stressed out over something which from my outsider’s perspective is rather trivial. But when we are the ones wrapped up in a sticky situation we miss what outsiders observe. Our minds suffer and lead us astray. 

What am I afraid of today? What troubles my mind?

Most, if not all of them are unlikely to happen. 

Even if they do, I see it as destiny leading me to a different place for my betterment.

For as a flawed simple-minded creature, I often do not know what is best for myself. 

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