rose ego

So I may not grow old – helpless, incompetent, regretful.


When faced with the possibility of getting rejected taking the easy way out is the norm. When failing at something making excuses.

But growth requires the possibility of getting rejected. Getting your feelings hurt.

As much I would like to shelter myself and achieve my desires without getting rejected I know that is just not possible. Sometimes we must be reminded that the world does not care about our insignificant selves.

I have a feeling the missing bridge to link my desired outcome and my current situation is to simply face enough rejections until I succeed. Utilize the Law of Averages – the more you try, the closer you are to succeeding.

I find myself making excuses, procrastinating, working on unexciting tasks but deep down inside I am aware of what I am purposefully shunning. The steps that require putting one’s ego on the line.

Our time here is very limited.

Put your best foot forward and take a leap of faith.

It’s not over until you quit.


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