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Most of the things I own is for comfort. They are not necessary and I wouldn’t be upset if I lost them.

The things you ownend up owning you.”
– Fight Club

Nonetheless, here are some of the things I use (almost) every day. In no particular order.

1) Electric Water Heater

So convenient. It takes about 10 seconds to load water and press the heat button. Short wait time too.

I use it exclusively to heat water for tea.

2) Rice Cooker

Back in the day, we had to cook rice on top of a stove using a pressure cooker. Then the cooker would make noise, and it involves some other steps which I don’t know because I never had to learn it.

But now this rice cooker is hard to beat convenience wise. Add rice, wash rice, add water, push a button, forget about it and go do something else.

Thanks to the rice cooker that does not need to be supervised, now we have more time to spend on something useless instead.

3) Coffee Maker

This item only makes sense if you drink coffee. Which I do.

Recently, I took a break from coffee for over a month but now I’m back.

I am writing this post in a coffee shop.

4) Water Filter

I’ve been to a lot of houses where they drink water straight from the faucet. Some house’s faucet water has an odd taste.

The water filter is one of my more treasured belongings. My water tastes good, and it filters the unwanted chemicals from the tap water. I think.

The downside is having to change the filter every couple of months.

5) Essential Oil Diffuser

Has lights, humidifies the air, pleasant aroma. What’s not to like.

Creates a state of peace & calm. It really puts me in the mood to [insert some sort of activity here]

6) Pull up Bar

The oldest item I own from this list.

Immensely useful to do pull-ups, chin-ups, stretch, or decompress.

7) Activated charcoal, Floss

Dental care. Charcoal to whiten teeth.

8) Phone

Currently using an Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that I bought for cheap because of a cracked screen. Sadly, used phones I’ve bought tend to not last as long and have defects that show up after about a year or so.

I use it to take pictures and videos, text and call.

I’ve used both the iphone and Android, mostly Android. I’m thinking of getting an iPhone for my next phone. We’ll see.

9) Earphones

This list would be incomplete without earphones. I have listened to a lot of music, podcasts, and audiobooks over the years.

I never leave home without them.

I have gone through a LOT of earphones over the years. Some break, some are misplaced, and others… audio only comes out of one ear, until finally, you have to get the angle just right… then it goes off to die anyway.

Even then, I can still use them to block the outside world. 

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