Wisdom of the Old

wisdom of old

Things that were passed down by our elders, though they may seem to be unscientific and idiotic nowadays, is not what it seems.

Wisdom that has been passed down, has survived for a reason. There are meanings and reasons behind it. It may not be able to be scientifically explained, but the underlying reasoning is there.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they come up with new research in the future to try and explain why some of the old sayings are true.

In this new age of science and technology, where people are making science their god without doing their own research or knowing what really goes on behind the scenes, how they get to those conclusions and what the different steps are. People would be surprised to find just how flawed the system is. But it is easy to just take their word for it because of “science”.

I’ve recently seemed to have gained a broader perspective of the world in certain fields. I now live and await to see if it will change again in the coming years, which is likely.

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