good morning coffees

This morning is the 18th day in a row I’ve managed to wake up at 5 am (5:00 – 5:10).

I still don’t find it very easy to rise so early. I have to set alarms at  2 or 3 different locations.

The night before the first morning I went to bed at 8 pm, fell asleep 30 minutes later. I’ve never been able to sleep that early again, it’s gradually been later and later.

The Nap

When running on little sleep I started to implement the nap. The plan was to take a short nap to rest and recover.

The problem with this is I usually nap for too long, ranging from an hour to 3 hours. It feels refreshing to nap (or sleep) but I can’t help but think it’s not very time efficient when your nap time goes on for multiple hours.

The Yoga Mat

Instead of sleeping on the bed I currently sleep on the floor, on top of a yoga mat.

My lower back started to ache in the mornings because the bed was too cushiony. I had to switch places.

A few days back I experimented with sleeping on the folding bed instead. The pain was back the next morning so now I’m back on the floor.

1 yoga mat, 2 blankets, and a pillow wrapped in a towel. Sometimes no pillow.

No Coffee

I haven’t drunk coffee since I’ve started to rise early. This means I haven’t been out to cafes to read/study as often as I did.

I currently drink jasmine tea, green tea, kava, or lemon with honey.

As a long time excessive coffee drinker, I haven’t experienced any withdrawal symptoms nor had any cravings.

I even had to meet someone at Starbucks coffee and ordered tea instead.

Every night I calculate the number of possible hours I can sleep, I feel a tinge of uneasiness when I’m up too late. The alarms won’t be having a day off at 5.

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