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A wise man once said things don’t always go according to plan. I would say most things.

As it recently happened to me, after posting my recent wake-up time of waking up at 5 I failed this morning and woke up at 5:59 am instead. Sleeping thru the alarms.

This has me wondering,  I usually fail to replicate the things I post about after posting them here. Ex. anxiety – I haven’t really had anxiety. Some unordinary things will still give me anxiety, which is normal & expected, but I realize most normal people don’t put themselves in the situations that give me anxiety in the first place (as they are not necessary*). I know those can be overcome with repeated exposure, I just choose to place my focus elsewhere right now.

How do you deal with failing to stick to a schedule? 

One good advice I came across to handle these situations is to never let it happen twice.

I should be back to waking up at 5 tomorrow morning. It’s almost midnight so I need to prepare for bed. Today, my intended 30 minute nap turned to ~3 hours so I am still not tired.

Unrelated pic: pill organizer that my mom got (pretty sure from the thrift store) to help me remember to take my supplements (Vit D, fish oil, etc). 

pill boxset

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